About Us

Welcome to CR8 Robotics Borneo

Established in 2003 and widely known as CR8®, Creative Robotics™ is the FIRST robotics learning center in Malaysia that teach kids age 5 to 15 on how to build robots with Lego Mindstorms.
CR8 Robotics Borneo holds the master franchise for Sabah & Sarawak that provides robotics training for children to explore science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM) concepts. The trainings provide the advantages of:
  1. Problem solving & logical thinking
  2. Creative & innovative thinker
  3. Being able to think in & out of the box
  4. Having a habit of achieving goals
  5. Develop good hand-eye coordination
CR8 Robotics Borneo provides eight weekly training classes at our current premises located at 1F, Lot 5 , Block F of Metro Town, do visit us for a fun session for your children.

One Off Fees

  • Registration Fee : MYR10.00
  • Club Membership : MYR10.00

Fee Structure

  1. Walk-in(1 Mission, 2 hours) : MYR70.00 (Minimum 4 students to start a class)

Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

  1. Per 4 Missions : MYR200.00 1 month/once-a-week attendance
  2. Per 12 Missions: MYR180.00X3 =MYR540.00 12 Missions = 1 Semester 3 months, once-a-week attendance
  • All materials will be provided
  • Nothing to purchase
  •  All inclusive!!