Empower your child future with STEM Education

Our programs are designed to ignite your child’s passion for STEM while building essential problem-solving and teamwork skills.

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, Build and Play

With us, kids can have fun and gain STEM experiences at the same time.

Learn from Hands-on Experiences

Build Problem-solving and Logical Thinking

Inspire Creativity and Innovation

Our Classes

Curriculum Designed for Young Innovators

We prepare all the materials and equipments, ready for the kids to jump right in anytime


Kids learn how to build their own robots through hands-on experiences


Kids learn how to control their robots by creating programs


Kids learn problem solving when testing their robots to complete their missions

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1、遊戲與玩相結合 孩子是天生的學者,但孩子們不願意被逼著去學太難或過於簡單的知識。在「玩」的過程中,孩子們探索、體會屬於他們的世界則會更容易掌握知識,無論是書本上的還是課本之外的。相信通過動手實踐孩子會有一種滿足感和自信心,即使失敗至少嘗試過。這樣她會更容易、渴望掌握書本上有的或課外的知識。而且相信她們會更容易記住這些知識。 . . .